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1/26/04    3 ITC derailments - Gary Forshaw
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1/26/04   5 views of ITC Federal Tower - G.Forshaw
NEW Illinois Terminal diesel pages - Updated 1/26/04
1/26/04   3 photos of N&W era Wabash
1/13/04  NEW John Poeling photos - 26 installed
1/26/04   3 photos of abandoned areas - K.Farmer
Permission and proper credit are necessary to use photos by LeClaireRail contributers.
Nickel Plate - Diesel
Grouped list of subjects
last update 1/5/03
85-90 photos;  Most taken in the Edwardsville/LeClaire area with a few from other   
local locations.          3  PAGES         page #1    page #2    page #3                          
Local RR Subjects - 1950s

Illinois Terminal - diesel
Illinois Terminal - electric
Litchfield & Madison - diesel
Litchfield & Madison - steam
Nickel Plate - diesel
Nickel Plate - steam
Wabash - diesel
Illinois Central   NEW PAGE
Misc. local RR subjects

Scanned paper items
ITC         Misc
L&M / CP&StL
Nickel Plate - Steam
last update  7/14/03
Most taken at NKP's Madison IL yard in 1952-53 but a few are in the Edwardsville
45 photos of Berkshires, Mikados and one Consolidation.
Litchfield & Madison - Diesel
p.#1     p.#2
last update  9/4/03
65+ photos of L&M Alco RS-3's, a few L&M misc. and C&NW trains (#381 / #380
and #383 / #386) that were handled by L&M crews.  Edwardsville enginehouse.
Litchfield & Madison - Steam
last update  7/2/03
32 photos of L&M's 2-8-2's (and two 2-8-0s).  Many were handed down from L&M-C&NW
engineer T.A.Gildersleeve (dec.) with original photographer unknown.
Illinois Terminal - Diesel
last update 7/24/03
28 photos of ITC diesels in the LeClaire Yard area.  Includes EMD GP-7's, one
SW-1200 and Alco S-2's.              
One steam photo   2-8-2 #30                                  
Other subjects

C&NW / NS coal train
NKP at Richards Brick
NKP hoppers cars in 1980s
NKP Berkshire #759
Retired power at Wood River, Ill
Baldwin builder photos
Frisco 4-8-2 #1522
team at Granite City Steel
Wrecks (ITC, NKP, Wab, NYC)
WWII - railroad damage
WWII - Baldwin
Second hand diesels in Arkansas
Illinois Terminal - Electric
last update (minor) 7/20/03
17 photos at or near the IT's LeClaire Yard.  Includes 3 of St.Louis line track
removal area and a few of IT misc. 
Wabash - Diesel
last update  1/26/04
20+ photos;  All taken near the Bohm area between Edwardsville and Poag.  Some
show a couple work trains working in the are.  3 Baldwin steam builder photos.
Misc. Subjects
page #2    page #3
last update 7/25/03
Misc. photos; most related to the railroads shown above, and 6 or 7 wrecks   ---
Other items added include WWII,  Frisco #1522,  and 2nd hand diesels in Arkansas.
Misc Paper Items
last update 1/2/04 L&M      ITC     NKP     Misc
Photos by others
Various scanned Rule Books, etc. on 3 pages with additions as available.
Includes items from Jeff Halloin, Mark Barnett and others

August Riccono
ITC and L&M
Gary Forshaw
C&NW   ITC   1960s NKP
Kevin Farmer
NS and UP in Illinois - 2003
    other misc.
UP Challenger #3985 - NEW
John Poeling  - 
NEW - Abandoned right of way
Jeff Halloin
paper items

(other credited items are on various pages / subjects)
Later Time Periods
last update 5/25/03
NKP clay hoppers still in use at Richards Brick in 1983,  joint C&NW-NS coal train, other misc. from 1970's thru 1990's;  83 photos on 2 PAGES      page #1     page #2
Baldwin photos - various
last update 7/15/03
Builder photos and misc. acquired as 8x10s from H.L.Broadbelt in the 1980s.  Data cards
might be added at a future date.  Currently 2 pages.      
page #1     page #2
Photo contributions by others
click thumbnail or name
120+ photos by Gary Forshaw cover 1960s NKP and C&NWNKP #759 and IT SD39s.       Also  retired power at Wood River, Ill.       updated 1/26/04   NEW PAGES - IT Diesel   
Other Locations

West Central Illinois - 10 pages
Colorado (narrow gauge)

Wabash, Frisco and Pacific RR
    (scale live steam)

Mixed locations and subjects
Photos from the 1970's and 2003 from Kevin Farmer include the local area and other.
NS and UP --  #1   #2   #3   #4   #5   #6   #7   #8   #9   #10 updated 1/21/04   
Photos from the collection of August Riccono will be added as they are available.
Litchfield & Madison updated 1/5/04 and  Illinois Terminal updated 11/13/03
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